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New Poetry Book:

BOSTON SOLSTICE BLUES: 51 poems centered on the solstice in Boston’s winter mindscapes. http://amzn.to/1FjObaO


 18 Works of Fiction in Print by Jim Stallings
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Fiction Works in General Overall Categories Below 
Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Novel Trilogy:
1. Devil's Hopper (Boston) http://amzn.to/R8YNQd
2. The Latest Bloodshed (Georgia) http://amzn.to/RPGhiC
3. Getting to Know You (Vegas/Grand Canyon) http://amzn.to/RwZwvx
A Necessary Woman (jazz pianist on a dangerous Caribbean cruise with a femme fatale actress in search of eternal life) http://t.co/aUZJDMaYUK
Texas novels:
Neon Nirvana (romance/New Age/reincarnation between writer and sculptor)  http://amzn.to/QW0cLy
Dead Shaman in the Garage (mystical ecology novel in comic mode set in San Antonio and South Texas at Christmas) amzn.to/1jZlHaA

Middle Grade, Mature Teen and Adults:
Top of the Wall
(middle grade 10-13 year old readers about a big city boy cousin's summertime visit to girl cousin's small town)
The Entrenchers
(coming-of-age novella about Cuban Missile Crisis in early 1960s)
NKore's Journey
(anthropological novel about a courageous African "Eve" some 100,000 years ago)  amzn.to/1kfuQvY
The Long Road
(Civil War fictional romantic memoir set in Georgia)
Literary Fiction, Screenplays, Poetry & Short Stories
Falstaff's Diaries
(modern day Falstaff in mid-life crisis; prose-poetry; adult)
Hunters in the Fog
(WWII fighter pilot diary and its transformation into a film script)
 Seltzer Lake
(screenplay: older hippies helping troubled kids and families)
At Witts Inn
(twitter novel: writers' retreat on mysterious foggy Maine Island)
Difficult People
(172 brief flash fictions about troubled people; adults, erotica)

Tales for Commuters and Other Time Travelers 
(short stories of varying lengths for traveling readers)
Dispatches from Tumbleweed
(haiku poetry: couple's return to South Texas after a long absence)
(works-in-progress: notes; essays; poems; photos and art work)
(quick link to view all works and prices and author bio info available on Jim's AmazonAuthor summary page)